Voxiom io

Voxiom io

Voxiom io is a new 3D real-time multiplayer first-person shooting game which is inspired by popular games like minecraft and fortnite. The game is available in two modes - capture the gems and battle royale. In this game the players can build and craft or just attack the enemies and shoot them down.

How To Play Voxiom io?

For those who are familiar with the fortnite game, playing Voxiom can become an easy task but for those who have never played anything like this before, a small practice is required. According to the game mode you choose, you will have to complete different quests. For example in Capture the Gems mode, you must cupture more gems than your enemy to win the battle, but in battle royale mode you will have to become the last man alive to succeed. Check out the game controls below and have fun playing the full version of Voxiom for free.
Game Controls
[W][A][S][D] - Move
[X] - open inventory
[Hold C] - crouch
[Hold Shift] - sprint
[Hold Tab] - view map
[Left Mouse Button] - primary action
[Right Mouse Button] or [F] - secondary action

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